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At Shackle Island CrossFit we’re dedicated to health & fitness. We love and trust CrossFit & we want this to be your lifestyle.

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Our mission is to develop members mentally and physically while fostering a community of working professionals dedicated to healthy living, service to others and becoming more formidable in life. Using custom tailored programming, we bring systematic variation by fully utilizing the functional workout program known as CrossFit. We deliver a life changing experience by improving your health and physical performance while cultivating mental toughness and critical thinking skills. Our community instills a sense of well-being, versatility and confidence in all who participate.


Once you’ve decided to begin training with us you have 2 options:

Option 1: Begin with Beginners Classes $120

In each class you’ll learn 1-3 new movements, practice those movements, and participate in a workout that can be scaled for all fitness levels. New members can start at the first Tuesday of every month and can attend as many classes as necessary before moving onto regular group classes. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm.

Option 2: Begin with Private Fundamentals $50 per hour

If our scheduled Beginner Classes don’t fit into your schedule or you want extra attention to learn the dynamic lifts and progress at your own pace, personal training is the best option for learning the CrossFit movements and entering our regular group classes. Most people can learn the movements required for our group classes in 4-8 one hour sessions, which we will agree upon during your introductory appointment.

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